Up and Coming Metal Artist Nicholas Olmo

Each year, Art on the Green boasts hosting some of the best artists in the region, and from around the country. We are also very proud of our youth booth artists. One of our young local artists this year is a metal artist: "My name is Nicholas Olmo and I'm thirteen years old. I've always loved to make things. Once I saw some of my friend's metal art, I was hooked on the concept. I was interested in metal, so I took a Boy Scout Welding Merit Badge class and learned welding safety, basic welding information and techniques. I continued to pursue welding, all the time saving money for my own welder. Finally, I saved up enough money to buy a 180c Lincoln Electric welder this year! It was a little over $800 and my dad offered to pay for half of it. I began collecting pieces of scrap from garage sales and junkyards. Welding is an awesome creative outlet!" You can see Nicholas's art this weekend at Art on the Green at booth #174.

nick welding 2.jpg