2017 Art on the Green Juried Show Winners
listed below for referance
2018 Juried show information will be listed this summer

The Art on the Green Juried Show features artwork which has been submitted for review and acceptance by the show art judges, and represents some the best work being created locally and regionally.

At the 2017 Art on the Green Juried Show, over $3,500 in purchase prizes and cash awards were awarded for exemplary pieces. These awards ensure that the CCA's dedication to the arts extends beyond the Art on the Green festival and other cultural activities to the community at large.

Congratulations to our 2017 prize winners:

Jessica L. Bryant $350 for Gem Lake
Eileen Hoffman $350 for Red Hills in Bloom
Chuck Spurgeon $350 for Black Walnut End Table
Becky Gromlich $250 for Making Memories
Judith Sanders-Wood $250 for No Room on the Hog
Debbie Hughbanks $250 for Cactus Jack
Pam Hansen $250 for Confessional Lies
Gay Waldman $250 for Peony Promise
Melanie Hewitt $250 for Led Astray by Comfort
Debi Carpadus $250 for Pelicans in the Clearwater
Otis Bardwell $200 for Eliot
Laura Yager $250 for Love is Blind
Rhea Griffin $250 for White Noise Wednesday

 Brooten Award 2017:

The 2017 Brooten Award went to KTEC in Rathrdrum! KTEC (Kootenai Technical Education Campus) is a partnership between the school district, business and industry leaders, and local manufacturers to offer education and training to high school students. "In addition to earning high school credit, students learn valuable technical, professional and employability skills to prepare for careers and college. There are opportunities to earn college credit, participate in internships and worksite learning as well as earn state and national certifications or licenses." Colby Matilla, KTEC director said, "KTEC is excited to have won the award and we enjoyed choosing our piece of art for our school this summer at the juried show!"

(Interested in applying to the Juried Show? Find out more on the Juried Show Application page.)


Named for Opal and Lloyd Brooten, two of the original founders of the CCA and Art on the Green, this award is donated to a school in the County.


  • 1992 Harrison Elementary
  • 1993 Winton Elementary
  • 1994 Lake City High School
  • 1995 Garwood Elementary
  • 1996 Coeur d'Alene High School
  • 1997 Project Coeur d'Alene
  • 1998 Woodland Middle School
  • 1999 Timberlake Jr. & Sr. High
  • 2000 Project Coeur d'Alene
  • 2001 Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy
  • 2002 Brian Elementary
  • 2003 Post Falls High School
  • 2004 Sorensen Elementary School
  • 2005 Atlas Elementary School
  • 2006 Lakes Middle School
  • 2007 Sorensen Elementary School
  • 2008 Bridge Academy
  • 2009 Borah Elementary School
  • 2010 Canfield Middle School
  • 2011 Hayden Meadows Elementary School
  • 2015 Fernan Elementary School
  • 2017 Kootenai Technical Education Campus


Each year the CCA selects a building of the community to receive a painting or sculpture from the Juried Show.


  • 1989 Cultural Center
  • 1990 Hayden Library
  • 1991 Kootenai County Jail
  • 1992 Kootenai County Courthouse
  • 1993 Hayden Lake Library
  • 1994 Panhandle Health District
  • 1995 Kootenai County Drivers License Bureau
  • 1996 Idaho State Tax Commission
  • 1997 Kootenai County Recorder's Office
  • 1998 Panhandle Health District
  • 1999 Harding Family Center
  • 2000 Kootenai County Voter Registration/Election
  • 2001 Post Falls Public Library
  • 2002 Juvenile Detention Center Library
  • 2003 The Women's Center
  • 2004 University of Idaho
  • 2005 Dirne Community Health Center
  • 2006 Panhandle Health District/Division of Environment
  • 2007 Kootenai Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center
  • 2008 Coeur d'Alene Public Library
  • 2009 Lake City Senior Center
  • 2010 Kootenai Medical Center
  • 2011 Hospice House


This prize is awarded to a piece chosen by the North Idaho College president and the juried show judges. The winning piece becomes a part of the college's permanent collection.