Congratulations to our 2019 Juried Show Winners!

Best in Show
*This year the judges awarded three equal “Best in Show” winners, listed below:

Pamela Caskey - ““Pine Needle Basket with Antler”
Jessica Bryant - “North Fork Clearwater River”
Gay Waldman - “Dejavu”


First Place- Vicky Bishop - “Scream of Pink”
Second Place - Ezekial Fee - “Street Below”
Third Place - Alan McNiel - “The Bluebird and the Pear”

Mixed Media/Fiber

First Place - Mary Dee Dodge - “Forest Ornaments”
Second Place - Alexandra Biggs - “Interieurs”
Third Place - Pamela Hansen - “Nebulous”


First Place - McKinley Dixon - “Saw-Whet”
Second Place - David Huck - “Vacant”
Third Place - Michael Luque - “Yes?”


First Place - Jonathan Glowacki - “Celestial Relations”
Second Place - Teresa McHugh - “Tension Resolve”
Third Place - Michelle Schneider - “Moon Jar”

Brooten Award

Lezlee Ware- “November Fox”

President’s Award

Ezekial Fee - “Street Below”

People’s Choice Award

Brett Scarola - “Winchester Lookout”

Patrick & Sue Flammia Award

Gary Hall - “Fire Fly’s”

Prizes: Over $3500 in purchase prizes and awards

New this year: People Choice Award $250

President’s Award:  Each year CCA/Art on the Green donates an art piece to North Idaho College that stays in the college’s permanent collection.

Brooten Award: Named for one of our founders, Opal Brooten, this award is given to a local school.  This year’s Brooten Award winner is Timberlake Junior High School.

2019 Art on the Green Juried art Show participants

Follows are accepted entries for the 2019 Juried Art Show

Category 1-Painting (all media) and Photography

Terry Abell-photography-“Blueberries, Silver and Lace”
Jon Asper-photography-“Reflecting on the St. Joe River”
Daryl Baird-oil-“Crazy Cat Lady (in her garden)”
Eric Barro-photography-“Out of this World”
Belinda Bell-oil on panel-“Dreams of Flight” & “Tasting Flight”
Alexandra Biggs-acrylic on canvas-“End of Summer”
Vicky Bishop-acrylic, collage, pencil oil pastel-“Scream of Pink” & “Urban Lights”
Vicki Bleile-acrylic-“The Sentinel”
Jessica Bryant-watercolor-“North Fork Clearwater River” & “Tubbs Hill South Side”
Julie Rae Clark-acrylic-“Snowy Egret”
Jan Clizer-oil-“Safe Harbour, Stornoway”
Melissa Cole-acrylic painting-“Heron in Blue”
Peggy Cook-acrylic on canvas-“Cracked Fusion”
Tom Courier-watercolor-“Machu Picchu”
Pat Coyne-acrylic-“Country Road”
Sharon Cummings-acrylic on canvas-“Hummingbird in Flight”
Melinda Curtin-reverse glass painting-“Alphabird”
Mike DeCesare-photogrpahy-“Out to Sea”
Jeanette DeLauter-watercolor-“Fairy Wren”
McKinley Dixon-photography-“Saw-Whet”
MaryDee Dodge-Fired glass on copper-”Forest Ornaments” & “Gold Moon”
Michael Donaldson-photography-“Autograph” & “Tribute to Ansel Adams”
Catherine Earle-acrylic-“Loving”
Ezekiel Fee-oil-“Street Below”
Gloria Fox-painting-“Winter Visitors”
Becky Gromlich-watercolor-“The Guardian”
Gary Hall-oil-“Fire Fly’s”
Deborah Hern-oil-“Orchids”
Carol Hermann-acrylic, copper leaf-“Copper and Lace”
Judy Hohl-oil on canvas-“Nestled All Snug”
David Huck-photography-“Vacant”
Robert Krogle-oil on canvas-“Sea Horses”
Shaunte Lauren-oil-“October Rain”
Shelly Lewis-watercolor-“Table 27” & “Apples”
Michael Luque-photography-“Yes?”
Teresa McHugh-encaustic, cold wax, acrylic and oil-“Redemption Song” 2018
Alan McNiel-oil on canvas-“The Bluebird and the Pear”
Judy Minter-acrylic on wood-“Rock in the Breeze”
Jerry Mitchell-oil-“Colonial Couple Fidlin” & “Remembering”
Dorena Belle Petty-acrylic-“The Road Home”
Hannah Pomante-mixed media-“Land Patterns #2”
Brianna Reagan-acrylic on birch-“Come Full Circle I”
Peggy Rushing Mattfeld-photography-“Fractured”
Gregory Saue-oil-“Trondheim Waterfall”
Brett Scarola-digital photography-“Saguaro Hotel” & “Winchester Lookout”
Adam Schluter-photography-“Tweety”
Terry Spindler-oil-“Kate’s Cow”
Gay Waldman-photo-collage-“Celebration” & “Dejavu”
Lezlee Ware-acrylic-“November Fox”
Bonnie Williams-watercolor-“River by Post Falls” & “Tangled”

Category 2-3D-

Alexandra Biggs-fiber,shells,embroidery-“Interieurs”
Pamela Caskey-pine needle with antler or stone-“Pine Needle with Antler” & “Pine Needle with Biggs Jasper Stone”
Jonathan Glowacki-wood-“Celestial Relations”
Pamela Hansen-fiber-”Nebulous”
Dave Kosanke-wood-“Jewelry Box”
Yasuko Mayhew-mixed media-“Kabuki-Year of the Boar”
Allen Malaise -bronze- “Quick Descent”
Teresa McHugh-steel, copper, fresh water pearls-”Tension-Resolve”
Dianna Mullen-fiber-”Iris I were a Cala”
Michelle Schneider-metal barrel-”Moon Jar”
Graham Silcher-wood-”Redwood Burl with Walnut and Pure Silver”& Ebony with Malachite, walnut burl & mahogany
Jill Smith-clay-”Totel of the Bear Tribe”
Kathi Young-wood, wood with acrylic-”Bubba’s Beater Truck” & “Galaxy Egg”
Dale Young-limestone-”Lakshimi”

(Interested in applying to the Juried Show? Find out more on the Apply-Juried Show page.)


Named for Opal and Lloyd Brooten, two of the original founders of the CCA and Art on the Green, this award is donated to a school in the County.


  • 1992 Harrison Elementary

  • 1993 Winton Elementary

  • 1994 Lake City High School

  • 1995 Garwood Elementary

  • 1996 Coeur d'Alene High School

  • 1997 Project Coeur d'Alene

  • 1998 Woodland Middle School

  • 1999 Timberlake Jr. & Sr. High

  • 2000 Project Coeur d'Alene

  • 2001 Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy

  • 2002 Brian Elementary

  • 2003 Post Falls High School

  • 2004 Sorensen Elementary School

  • 2005 Atlas Elementary School

  • 2006 Lakes Middle School

  • 2007 Sorensen Elementary School

  • 2008 Bridge Academy

  • 2009 Borah Elementary School

  • 2010 Canfield Middle School

  • 2011 Hayden Meadows Elementary School

  • 2015 Fernan Elementary School

  • 2017 Kootenai Technical Education Campus

  • 2018 River City Middle School

  • 2019 Timberlake Junior High School


Each year the CCA selects a building of the community to receive a painting or sculpture from the Juried Show.


  • 1989 Cultural Center

  • 1990 Hayden Library

  • 1991 Kootenai County Jail

  • 1992 Kootenai County Courthouse

  • 1993 Hayden Lake Library

  • 1994 Panhandle Health District

  • 1995 Kootenai County Drivers License Bureau

  • 1996 Idaho State Tax Commission

  • 1997 Kootenai County Recorder's Office

  • 1998 Panhandle Health District

  • 1999 Harding Family Center

  • 2000 Kootenai County Voter Registration/Election

  • 2001 Post Falls Public Library

  • 2002 Juvenile Detention Center Library

  • 2003 The Women's Center

  • 2004 University of Idaho

  • 2005 Dirne Community Health Center

  • 2006 Panhandle Health District/Division of Environment

  • 2007 Kootenai Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center

  • 2008 Coeur d'Alene Public Library

  • 2009 Lake City Senior Center

  • 2010 Kootenai Medical Center

  • 2011 Hospice House


This prize is awarded to a piece chosen by the North Idaho College president and the juried show judges. The winning piece becomes a part of the college's permanent collection.