2019 Art on the Green Juried art Show participants

Artists from throughout the country enter their artwork, to be juried by a panel of professional artists for exhibition at Art on the Green.


Teresa Runge, Allie Kurtz Vogt and Teresa McHugh

Prizes: Over $3500 in purchase prizes and awards

New this year: People Choice Award $250

President’s Award:  Each year CCA/Art on the Green donates an art piece to North Idaho College that stays in the college’s permanent collection.

Brooten Award: Named for one of our founders, Opal Brooten, this award is given to a local school.  This year’s Brooten Award winner is Timberlake Junior High School.

Follows are accepted entries for the 2019 Juried Art Show

Category 1-Painting (all media) and Photography

Terry Abell-photography-“Blueberries, Silver and Lace”
Jon Asper-photography-“Reflecting on the St. Joe River”
Daryl Baird-oil-“Crazy Cat Lady (in her garden)”
Eric Barro-photography-“Out of this World”
Belinda Bell-oil on panel-“Dreams of Flight” & “Tasting Flight”
Alexandra Biggs-acrylic on canvas-“End of Summer”
Vicky Bishop-acrylic, collage, pencil oil pastel-“Scream of Pink” & “Urban Lights”
Vicki Bleile-acrylic-“The Sentinel”
Jessica Bryant-watercolor-“North Fork Clearwater River” & “Tubbs Hill South Side”
Julie Rae Clark-acrylic-“Snowy Egret”
Jan Clizer-oil-“Safe Harbour, Stornoway”
Melissa Cole-acrylic painting-“Heron in Blue”
Peggy Cook-acrylic on canvas-“Cracked Fusion”
Tom Courier-watercolor-“Machu Picchu”
Pat Coyne-acrylic-“Country Road”
Sharon Cummings-acrylic on canvas-“Hummingbird in Flight”
Melinda Curtin-reverse glass painting-“Alphabird”
Mike DeCesare-photogrpahy-“Out to Sea”
Jeanette DeLauter-watercolor-“Fairy Wren”
McKinley Dixon-photography-“Saw-Whet”
MaryDee Dodge-Fired glass on copper-”Forest Ornaments” & “Gold Moon”
Michael Donaldson-photography-“Autograph” & “Tribute to Ansel Adams”
Catherine Earle-acrylic-“Loving”
Ezekiel Fee-oil-“Street Below”
Gloria Fox-painting-“Winter Visitors”
Becky Gromlich-watercolor-“The Guardian”
Gary Hall-oil-“Fire Fly’s”
Deborah Hern-oil-“Orchids”
Carol Hermann-acrylic, copper leaf-“Copper and Lace”
Judy Hohl-oil on canvas-“Nestled All Snug”
David Huck-photography-“Vacant”
Robert Krogle-oil on canvas-“Sea Horses”
Shaunte Lauren-oil-“October Rain”
Shelly Lewis-watercolor-“Table 27” & “Apples”
Michael Luque-photography-“Yes?”
Teresa McHugh-encaustic, cold wax, acrylic and oil-“Redemption Song” 2018
Alan McNiel-oil on canvas-“The Bluebird and the Pear”
Judy Minter-acrylic on wood-“Rock in the Breeze”
Jerry Mitchell-oil-“Colonial Couple Fidlin” & “Remembering”
Dorena Belle Petty-acrylic-“The Road Home”
Hannah Pomante-mixed media-“Land Patterns #2”
Brianna Reagan-acrylic on birch-“Come Full Circle I”
Peggy Rushing Mattfeld-photography-“Fractured”
Gregory Saue-oil-“Trondheim Waterfall”
Brett Scarola-digital photography-“Saguaro Hotel” & “Winchester Lookout”
Adam Schluter-photography-“Tweety”
Terry Spindler-oil-“Kate’s Cow”
Gay Waldman-photo-collage-“Celebration” & “Dejavu”
Lezlee Ware-acrylic-“November Fox”
Bonnie Williams-watercolor-“River by Post Falls” & “Tangled”

Category 2-3D-

Alexandra Biggs-fiber,shells,embroidery-“Interieurs”
Pamela Caskey-pine needle with antler or stone-“Pine Needle with Antler” & “Pine Needle with Biggs Jasper Stone”
Jonathan Glowacki-wood-“Celestial Relations”
Pamela Hansen-fiber-”Nebulous”
Dave Kosanke-wood-“Jewelry Box”
Yasuko Mayhew-mixed media-“Kabuki-Year of the Boar”
Allen Malaise -bronze- “Quick Descent”
Teresa McHugh-steel, copper, fresh water pearls-”Tension-Resolve”
Dianna Mullen-fiber-”Iris I were a Cala”
Michelle Schneider-metal barrel-”Moon Jar”
Graham Silcher-wood-”Redwood Burl with Walnut and Pure Silver”& Ebony with Malachite, walnut burl & mahogany
Jill Smith-clay-”Totel of the Bear Tribe”
Kathi Young-wood, wood with acrylic-”Bubba’s Beater Truck” & “Galaxy Egg”
Dale Young-limestone-”Lakshimi”

(Interested in applying to the Juried Show? Find out more on the Apply-Juried Show page.)


Named for Opal and Lloyd Brooten, two of the original founders of the CCA and Art on the Green, this award is donated to a school in the County.


  • 1992 Harrison Elementary

  • 1993 Winton Elementary

  • 1994 Lake City High School

  • 1995 Garwood Elementary

  • 1996 Coeur d'Alene High School

  • 1997 Project Coeur d'Alene

  • 1998 Woodland Middle School

  • 1999 Timberlake Jr. & Sr. High

  • 2000 Project Coeur d'Alene

  • 2001 Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy

  • 2002 Brian Elementary

  • 2003 Post Falls High School

  • 2004 Sorensen Elementary School

  • 2005 Atlas Elementary School

  • 2006 Lakes Middle School

  • 2007 Sorensen Elementary School

  • 2008 Bridge Academy

  • 2009 Borah Elementary School

  • 2010 Canfield Middle School

  • 2011 Hayden Meadows Elementary School

  • 2015 Fernan Elementary School

  • 2017 Kootenai Technical Education Campus

  • 2018 River City Middle School


Each year the CCA selects a building of the community to receive a painting or sculpture from the Juried Show.


  • 1989 Cultural Center

  • 1990 Hayden Library

  • 1991 Kootenai County Jail

  • 1992 Kootenai County Courthouse

  • 1993 Hayden Lake Library

  • 1994 Panhandle Health District

  • 1995 Kootenai County Drivers License Bureau

  • 1996 Idaho State Tax Commission

  • 1997 Kootenai County Recorder's Office

  • 1998 Panhandle Health District

  • 1999 Harding Family Center

  • 2000 Kootenai County Voter Registration/Election

  • 2001 Post Falls Public Library

  • 2002 Juvenile Detention Center Library

  • 2003 The Women's Center

  • 2004 University of Idaho

  • 2005 Dirne Community Health Center

  • 2006 Panhandle Health District/Division of Environment

  • 2007 Kootenai Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center

  • 2008 Coeur d'Alene Public Library

  • 2009 Lake City Senior Center

  • 2010 Kootenai Medical Center

  • 2011 Hospice House


This prize is awarded to a piece chosen by the North Idaho College president and the juried show judges. The winning piece becomes a part of the college's permanent collection.