Mini Forest Homes with Chelsea Cordova - ArtShop Instructor Highlight

This week some lucky ArtShop kids get to find their inspiration from the imaginative world of fairies and sprites to build a ‘mini forest home’ of recycled and organic materials. They will plan, draw and then build their forest home while learning about the principles of design in a fun way. "Mini Forest Homes" is a new class at ArtShop this year, but the instructor is not new to art or teaching! Chelsea Cordova teaches painting and recycled arts out of her art studio and has contributed time as a paid instructor as well as a volunteer in several arts organizations in our community. She shows her art locally and is currently teaching a fun class for adults joining painting with socializing called "Midweek Monet" at the Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center. In answer to why she was interested in teaching this class, Chelsea replied, "This Mini Forest Homes project inspires an interest in nature using mosses and natural forest debris in assemblage with recycled materials. It explores the power of imagination by integrating all aspects of an artistic process from thinking to design and planning to the physical building of the initial idea. This project encourages growth and confidence in verbal and visual art making techniques and communication skills using poetry, drawing, and assemblage. I never get tired of sharing this project." One of Chelsea's favorite quotes is: "The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable." Robert Henri