Pottery at Art on the Green 2016

Everyone has a favorite art form. For many who attend Art on the Green, it's pottery! If that's you, you'll love the fine ceramic tableware designed and handcrafted by Melanie Thompson of Hood River, Oregon. "I belong to a family of foodies and gardeners. If we aren't sharing recipes we're discussing what we'll plant next. As form follows function most of my ideas originate with use in mind and are realized as tabletop artware. It's fun to imagine how food or flowers will be presented and how they'll fit into one's living space. It's easy to be inspired by what we appreciate." Come and check out all of the great pottery booths at Art on the Green at North Idaho College, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 5, 6 & 7, 2016 - the 48th annual Art on the Green!