Cartooniversity with Jeff Johnson - ArtShop Instructor Highlight

Jeff Johnson will teach Cartooniversity at ArtShop this July. Jeff is an experienced cartoonist and teacher with 25 continuous years as a published editorial cartoonist in Washington state, and 25 years teaching cartooning to kids of all ages in Washington, Idaho and Oregon. "I enjoy teaching kids to draw cartoons because I love helping them realize their inner talents through their own artistic styles. To see the 'light come on' for a student who has just created a character and/or cartoon story from their own imagination is what it's all about for me!" Jeff's cartoon teaching philosophy is simple: "Don't measure your success by how well you copy another artist's work - which is infinitely more difficult. Instead, use your own style to assemble the pieces how YOU want to create your own characters - then others will have to copy you!"

ArtShop is July 27-31, 2015, for kids grades 2 to 8. What makes ArtShop unique? It is a full week of art classes, each student participating in one visual arts class and one performance arts class, ending with the children performing at the Art on the Green festival. Full class descriptions and registration information can be found here: