Origami with Kelsey Cordes-Snyder - ArtShop Instructor Highlight

We are happy to have Kelsey Cordes-Snyder teaching the class Origami-Folding Paper Into Art again this year! Kelsey has taught many children origami over the years, both through ArtShop and other venues.

"I love teaching origami because it is so accessible. Anyone can create something beautiful with only a sheet of paper and some creativity. I also love teaching this class to children because the students always enjoy the process of turning a plain sheet of paper into something new and unexpected."

Kelsey takes inspiration from other mediums and artists. She enjoys taking the art of origami beyond just folding a sheet of paper. "I like to combine mediums such as adding origami elements to a watercolor painting or sculpting shapes representing origami figures out of clay. I also love to try to find a practical use for an origami object such as creating jewelry with it."

Kelsey's art philosophy: "I strongly believe that art is very important to the education of both youth and adults. I also think that art should be open to everyone and that there are no bounds as to what people can accomplish by being creative."

ArtShop is July 28-August 1, 2014, for kids grades 2 to 8. What makes ArtShop unique? It is a full week of art classes, each student participating in one visual arts class and one performance arts class, ending with the children performing at the Art on the Green festival. Full class descriptions and registration information can be found here: http://artonthegreencda.com/artshop/