Find old favorites, discover new makers.

 (2017 artists listed here for patron referral - 2018 booth artists will be listed this summer)


booth # | Artist Name | Contact info

8  | Sharon Berube/Handwoven Exotics | Hamilton, MT,, 208-691-6520; handwoven women’s clothing: jackets, vests, scarves in silk-cotton-rayon-bamboo.

110 | Kate Carder/Tease | Portland, OR,, 503-583-2735; upcycled knit sweaters, t-shirts, etc. into skirts, shrugs, cowls, scarves, and other accessories. Each item is hand-made and one-of-a-kind.

37  | Tom Lutsko/Montana Loomworks | Helena, MT,; handwoven rugs made from recycled fabrics.

65 | Nancy Olfs/Custom Knitting | Spokane Valley, WA, knitting, 509-991-0598; hand-knit & crochet garments.

60 | Linda & Steve Ripatti | Watsonville, CA,; we turn our original artworks into print fabrics that we use for making our Aloha shirts, blouses & jackets. We also design our own dresses, shifts and capes using very rare, limited issue fabrics.

50 | Ethan Rollins | Spokane, WA,; hand-made caps and apparel.

169 | Sarah Samson | Coeur d’Alene, ID,, 208-659-4845; canvas banners hand-painted and hand-lettered.

118 | Eli Sanders/Over the Top | Portland, OR,, 503-452-7063; hand decorated hats.

21 | Tony Spencer | Post Falls, ID,; silk batik, matted and framed.

72 | Katheryn “Khat” Tessmer/Walking Womyn | Portland, OR,; wool ponchos made with Pendleton wool scrap, leather tassel keychain fobs.

114 | Mao Thao, Missoula, MT |, 406-543-5672; hand-needle crafts, story cloths, handbags, cloth animals including lizards, turtles and more.

3 | Kim Williams | Whittier, CA,, 323-799-0707; women’s clothing small to 3x hand-made, hand-dyed.

162 | Ping Zhang | Bellingham, WA,, 626-863-3055; traditional fiber arts embroidery



125 | Aaron Babino/Aaron Babino Glass | Pullman, WA,; glass art blown and crafted in the Pacific Northwest; beads, terrariums, earrings, gauges, and much more.

150 | Dana Boyko/Fused Glass Creations | San Francisco, CA,, 415-215-7422; my hand-made glass night lights and jewelry designs are colorful expressions of things that make us happy. They are affordable and make great gifts for anyone who appreciates a miniature work.

165 | Cindy Draper/Designs in Glass by Cindy | Post Falls, ID,, 208-641-5883; stained glass wind chimes.

13 | Amy Galbavy/Sassy Glass | Spokane, WA,, 509-710-7879; glass flower garden creations: stained and recycled glass, stone, beads and slate.



36 | Pam & Pete Amputh/Forkedelic | Thousand Oaks, CA,, 805-215-5110; hand-forged jewelry made out of vintage forks.

130 | Lyle Ang/Living Stones Creations | Mill City, OR,, 503-897-3280; coin & gemstone jewelry in silver & gold.

84 | Susie Frances Aoki/Susie Frances Jewelry | Seaside, OR,; mixed metal jewelry with occasional gemstones.

90 | Cathryn Bassett/White Pelican Designs | Kalispell, MT,, 406-755-4572/406-212-1636; hand-fabricated designs in sterling silver, copper and gold incorporating gemstones.

15 | Crow Black | Bend, OR,, 541-318-1741; jewelry.

134 | Jennifer Boyd/JB Designs | Seattle, WA;, 206-755-7775; hand-crafted jewelry using primarily sterling silver and 14K gold-filled metals with some gemstones. Most of my designs are clean and contemporary in style.

62 | Spirit Bush/Spirit Lala | Marietta, GA,, 678-233-4898; original paintings encased in custom silver beads.

163 | Suzanne Buttice/Mallard Rock ‘N’ Wire Art | Walla Walla, WA,, 509-540-6116; We find, cut, shape & polish gemstones, and use copper to wrap them.

39 | Sun Chan/Sun’s Jewelry | Seattle, WA,, 206-832-9901; I cut my stones in art form to set in combination of gold and silver jewelry. All fabricated by hand.

161 | Paula Chang/Fabrications | Rio Vista, CA,, 650-464-2384; one-of-akind and limited edition fabric jewelry made with quality quilting fabrics and vintage kimonos and embellished with Asian coins, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, and found objects.

66 | Judy Davis/Deer Creek Designs | Valley, WA,; custom cut cabochons set in silver and copper, wire work.

58 | Ruly Deen/Silver Element Jewelry | Spokane, WA,; amulets for the symbolic soul hand-carved sterling silver jewelry with meaning.

56 | Tammy Denmark/On U Designs | Kalispell, MT,; hand-fabricated modern jewelry with use of precious and semiprecious stones in silver and gold.

54 | Ashley Dobson/Twisted Sisters Studio | Mountain Green, UT,; upcycling and repurposing antique silverware and items into wearable art. We also use the unique silverware boxes and remake into one-of-a-kind pieces.

80-81 | Marilyn Downs & Lori Downs/Simplistic Designs | Drain, OR,, 541-953-7428; bronze, copper, and German silver bracelets, earrings, finger and toe rings, and hair accessories.

28 | Katie Enewold/Katie Enewold Jewelry | Watsonville, CA,, 831-206-6909; hand fabricated whimsical jewelry using mostly recycled metal (old serving trays & roofing copper) embellished with found objects, industrial parts, etc.

42 | Jennifer Hendricks/American Angel Studio | Priest River, ID,, 408-687-3730; bronze copper gold jewelry abstract to local states and lakes.

71 | Shelli Kahl/Shell-Bell Designs | Big Bear City, CA,, 866-606-BELL; fine jewelry uniquely textured sterling silver, hand-forged into jewelry, edged in silver or 14K gold.

24 | Nadine King/Hand & Spirit Jewelry | Mt. Carroll, IL,, 815-244-5956/480-309-0176.

119 | Stacy Kleymann/GimStonz Andover, KS,, 316-213-4947; hand-crafted gemstone jewelry some with metal focal pieces with natural patinas.

93 | Susie Larsson/Susie Larsson Design | Everett, WA,; jewelry.

170 | Zell Lee & Jake Schaal/Asana Natural Arts | Sandy, UT,, 801-691-4782; real butterflies, acquired from preservation farms after living a full life, are permanently preserved with precious metals to create unique and conversational jewelry.

103-104 | Brenda McGowan/Brenda McGowan Jewelry | Cashmere, WA,, 509-630-7968; wire wrapped and stamped metal jewelry, using mainly sterling silver, gold, and gemstones.

121 | Melanie Mercer/Wild Grace Jewelry | Springfield, OR,; nature inspired silver jewelry featuring minimalist and organic designs.

22 | Kevin O’Grady/Kevin O’Grady | Scottsdale, AZ,, 480-874-9642; lamp worked glass, colored with pure gold and silver, set into precious metal.

75 | Cris O'Keef/O’Keef & Co. Unlimited | Whitefish, MT, 406-862-9043; ss & 14 kt jewelry w/precious & semi-precious stones.

148 | Jamison Olson/Jamison Rae Jewelry | Boise, ID,; we use only the highest quality “ingredients” to create hand-made jewelry that fits your life. Pieces that easily transition from yoga to cocktails, and most importantly, make women feel like the beautiful babes that they are.

48 | Rachelle Pulkkila/Rocky’s Hardwear | Wichita, KS,, 316-393-6801; sterling silver, gold, copper, enamel.

157 | Sheila Rood/She-ra Creations | Bow, WA,, 360-395-5569; eclectic adornments of off loom weaving techniques. Stone, metal, raku and whimsy.

117 | Karen Snyder/ERGJ Studios | Oldtown, ID,, 208-437-1535; hand-laced wire jewelry, glass, marbles and beads and cut gems all by me.

4 | Chaum Spehar/Northwest Goods | Corvallis, OR,,541-758-7352; brass, copper, silver, aluminum, and stainless steel jewelry and ornaments.

44 | Rafael Suendermann/Stone Styles | Lakewood, WA,, 415-601-9317/253-208-5377; our jewelry is made of naturally colored semiprecious stones. Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest specializing in Amethyst stalactites.

137 | Monica vanderMars/Monica vanderMars Jewelry | Missoula, MT,, 406-721-0464; hand-crafted jewelry made by using recycled and stained glass with copper foil and lead free solder.

152 | Linda Wagner/The Silver Acorn | Katy, TX,; I collect symbolic medieval, antique and vintage wax stamps, wax seals from antique documents, and antique intaglios from the Gran Tour, which I use to hand-craft silver and bronze wax seal jewelry and gift items that have unique meaning or encoring symbolism.

141 | Dustin Williams/J. Marie Jewelry | Boise, ID,; hand-crafted copper jewelry.



115 | Charles Hicks | Syracuse, NY,, 315-480-4508; leather journals and bags, “Let your thoughts dance across our pages”.

34 | Tanden Launder/Thrux Lawrence | Cd’A, ID,, 208-661-3009 leather goods and mixed media art.

109 | Mark & Mary Rogers/The Leather Works | Cd’A, ID, 215 E. Sherman Ave., 208-676-0818; leather & sheepskin goods made in Idaho!

57 | Yvonne Spicer/Blue Moon Originals | St. Maries, ID,, 208-659-4684; hand-made leather accessories.



98 | Sandra Haynes/Sandra Haynes Fine Art | Heppner, OR,, 541-499-3364; scratchboard and oils.

155 | Karla Lautenback/Devotion In Motion | Spokane, WA,, 509-703-8972; uniquely designed paper mosaic/painted pictures.

63 Kimberly Lugar/Clay Art Studio | Scappoose, OR,, 503-543-2510; polymer porcelain clay jewelry and home décor from whimsical to elegant.

146 | Gregory R. Marchi/Crazy Mountain Antler Creations | Martindale, MT,, 406-548-1113; antler art.

64 | *Judy Minter/Design Details | Rathdrum, ID,, 208-699-4002; bas relief/acrylic paintings, painted gourds.

97 | *Jerry Simchuk/Jerry Simchuk Art Studio | Spokane Valley, WA, Jerry@Simchuk, 406-407-5708; realistic wood and bronze sculpture-birds specialty wildlife.



83 | Yoshi Aoki/Yoshi Aoki | Seaside OR,; metal and wood mixed media sculpture.

77-78 | William Fickinger & Barbara Ellison/Ellison/Fickinger Designs | Sagle, ID,; garden sculpture and wall art.

156 | Ron Hinshaw/Hinshaws Art Quest | Camano, WA,, 360-770-5223; cut from steel with torch, detailed with grinder and heated with torch to achieve colors. Some brass and copper added for dimension, indoor wall hangings.

30-31 | *Melissa & Leland Hollis/Hollis Art Works | Hayden, ID,, 208-772-8549; upcycled metal artwork with repurposed items metal-wood-rock.

11 | Tim Kaufman/Falcon Forge | Clarkston, WA,, 509-751-1891; blacksmith and steam punk – sculptures and lamps.

25-26 | Judy & Doug Marcoe/The Rustic Garden | Madras, OR, therusticgarden@msncom; metal home and garden art.

143 | Brad McDonald/13 Crows Art LLC | Spokane, WA,, 206-799-8116; metal sculptures.

17 | Ken Newman/Ken Newman Sculptures | Cambridge, ID,, 208-337-8408; bronze, wood and mixed media sculpture wildlife and figurative.

122 | Scott Palmer/Copper Phoenix Studio | Mesa, AZ,, 760-807-9907; copper sheet that is textured and sculpted and colored with acids and or painted elements. The sheet is then wrapped onto a wood frame or shaped into curved shapes. A clear coat is applied to protect and preserve the copper artwork.

C1 | Kelly Phipps/Kelly Phipps Metalworks | Hood River, OR,; indoor and outdoor metal art for home and garden. Most of my things are one-of-a-kind and hand-made by me.

171 | Leonard Shields/Len’s Fabrication | Newman Lake, WA,, 509-990-9220, gates, rails, wall hangings, tables.

87 | David Vogel/Vogel Metal Works | Lolo, Mt,, 406-425-1888; layered sheet metal in vintage windows sashes.

159 | Dick Warwick/Spoonfoolery | Oakesdale, WA,, 509-285-4084; silverware whimsy.



55 | Laura Alleman/The Eclectic Edge | Morgan, UT,; glass and metal wind chimes and mosaics.

107 | Joanne Graham | Chico, CA,, 530-877-2100; soft chalk pastels sporting dog and wildlife scenes.

35 | Hitomi Johnson/Hitomi’s Washi Art | Pullman, WA,, 509-432-5805; Japanese paper art.

111-112 | Ben Joyce/Ben Joyce Studios | Spokane, WA, (509) 499-0185; abstract topo philia, aerial landscapes.

153 | Rik Nelson/Bottle Cap Fish | Spokane, WA; Northwest fish and other natural forms fabricated from post-consumer recyclables.

74 | *Kim Nickens/Paper Cut | Portland, OR,, 503-806-6095; I am a quilling artist. I roll strips of paper and place them.

79 | Mark Oberkirsch/Oberkirsch Designs Hillsboro, MO,; hand-tooled copper collage.

5 | Thurman Scheumack/Scheumack Broom Co. | Eugene, OR,, 541-338-0502; hand-made brooms.

47 | Mari & Jan Schultz/Stems Vases | Mount Vernon, WA,, 360-420-2944; anodized aluminum and beveled glass vases. Creatively made watertight w/ removable acrylic insert.

167 John Watson & Tseng Tseng Tseng Coeur d’Alene, ID and China  208-818-2658; custom made juniper wood coffee tables; paintings, Chinese and pen and ink drawings.

113 Rick Williams/Montana Stone Candles Arlee MT,, 406-726-3574; stone, oil lamps, lazy susans, ikebana vases, table lamps and sculptures from Montana stone.



16 Ben Atkin/Ben Atkin Art East Wenatchee, WA,, 208-891-4615; original oils painted with distinctive brushstrokes in a representational manner. Subject matter includes western landscapes and animals.

38 Rocky Barrick Arlington, WA,, 360-435-3457; acrylic painting, originals and prints, trains, planes, wildlife as subject matter.

149 Dave Bartholet/Dave Bartholet Wildlife Art Seaside OR,, 503-440-7996; wildlife in water colors.

29 Shirley Benton/Shirley Benton Art Tacoma, WA,, 253-230-5392; abstract paintings, using acrylic on hard board; framed, building layers of texture and bold color.

67-68 Thomas Boatright/Tom Boatright Oils/Essence Arts Tumwater, WA,, 360-349-5157; vibrant textural impressionistic and abstract art.

43 Stephen Bruce Oakland, CA, Stephenbstudios; painting

46 *Jessica L. Bryant/Jessica L. Bryant Coeur d’Alene, ID;, 208-953-1053; watercolor paintings focused on local landscapes and our national parks.

Y7 Jackie Casey/Pinot’s Palette Cd’A, ID,, 208-930-4763; we allow attendees to paint mini $10 self-guided paintings at our booth.



120 J Scott Cilmi/Cilmiart San Rafael, CA,, 415-686-3496; painting mixed media.

1 Coeur d'Alene Art Association Hayden Lake, ID,, 509-226-1268; 18-25 artists will have their pieces for sale.

89 *Elida Field/Elida Art Studio and Gallery Camas, WA,, 360-901-0031; I specialize in panting acrylics and mixed media. My recent series, "Dancing in Red," is done with palette knives, creating texture and movement. In my mixed media work, I layer with papers and paint.

123 Allan Friesen Post Falls, ID,, 208-765-6885; contemporary acrylic abstract.

142 Christian Gabriel/Christian Gabriel Art Portland, OR,, 503-902-9080; dancing flowers people.

76 *Bruce Gifford Erie, CO,, 719-289-5986; Bruce uses acrylics and inks to paint original designs on ceramic tiles and canvases. His works feature landscapes, wildlife and other scenes in nature.

168 Tammy Holland 907-455-8922,; painting.

166 *Twyla-Lea Jensen/TJ’s Treasures 4 You Coeur d’Alene, ID,, 928-715-7079; art painting with alcohol ink on tile, canvas, paper and jewelry.

96 Kelli Kobe/Kelli Kobe Boise, ID,, 208-861-9993; acrylic on stretched canvas.

116 Maia Leisz/Bella Vita Studios | Sagle, ID, 208-627-9040; all work is original, oils on canvas using a limited palette mixing my colors to obtain a harmonious color scheme. There is so much beauty and inspiration in the world that I let colors and technique be the unifying traits of my body of work allowing for diversity of subject matter.

12 *Debbie McCulley/Debbie McCulley Designs Spokane, WA,, 509-999-3583; whimsical art.

49 *Alan McNiel/Alan McNiel Troy, MT,, 406-295-5185; original oil and mixed-media painting.

108 Sherry Meline/Sherrie Russell Meline Mt. Shasta, CA,, 530-926-3769; wildfowl art.

14 *Jerry D. Mitchell/Jerry D. Mitchell Wallace, ID,, 208-752-1850; oil paintings of local landscapes and wildlife, maritime fishing boats.

128-129 *LR Montgomery/LR Montgomery, Artist Spokane, WA, LR Montgomery

139-140 *Jill Neal/Jill’s Wild (tasteful) Women Sisters, OR,, 541-41-8880; watercolors, some mixed media of women, wine, and horses. Design, impressionistic and ladies with attitude.

2 North Idaho College Aspiring Artists Club, A North Idaho College Student Club for more information about art of the club, please contact

51 Jennifer Rae Ochs/RAE Art Enterprises Los Angeles, CA,, 323-497-4822; technique; experimental expressionism, sculptural texture, 30+ mixed media elements, hundreds of acrylic layers, brush, knife, cloth application. All original works. Metals: aggregates, mica, metallic’s, pastes, gels.

33 Arlon Rosenoff/Arlon Rosenoff Fine Art Cd’A, ID,; palette knife oil paintings.

18 Robert Tandecki/Robert Tandecki Sumner, WA,, 253-862-4451; watercolors.

94 Cheryl A. Tolman/Natures Images Fountain Hills, AZ,, 360-770-6004; bright, tight, whimsy wildlife and floral.

9 Sandy Tweed Port Townsend, WA,; acrylic painting.

131 Jan Vetter/Janaaberry Art Otis Orchards,, 509-768-3491; whimsical faith based prints and paintings.

6-7 Nicholas Vicknair/NE-N Designs (Vicknair art) Bend, OR,, 310-944-2806; color-infused epoxy resin paintings on wood.

133 Jennings Waterhouse/Zest Inspired Living Sandpoint, ID,, 308-290-3812; colorful abstract and figurative paintings celebrating the wildlife beauty of Pacific Northwest.



99-100 David Armes/David Armes Photography Phoenix, AZ,, 602-206-3842; original photographs.

85-86 *Siep Bueneker/Fabphotography Scottsdale, AZ,, 310-995-7697; landscape, seascape and nature photography on canvas.

147 *Howard Carroll/Freeman Peak Photography Salmon, ID,, 208-756-2970; framed photographs of rustic structures, color and black and white, matted with white/black core Bainbridge mat and framed with burnish barn wood frames.

40 *Mike DeCesare/ProPhotoNorthwest Spokane WA,, 509-448-5626; contemporary photography best describes my work. My philosophy is to bring the viewer inside the image, to feel the elements from sun to spray to location, to interact with, not merely look at the image, to glee an emotional connection while creating a lasting memory and relationship.

59 Rodney L. Erdahl/RL Erdahl Photographics Spokane, WA,, 509-998-3047; wildlife and scenic photographs on canvas, framed and matted prints

124 David Forster East Wenatchee, WA, photodave; painting.

154 Brandis Geddes/Sidnarb Seddeg Photography Heron, MT,, 253-569-1466; photos taken from “a different perspective.” Displayed on canvas and on greeting cards along with assorted other mediums. Making photography my focus and sharing my art with others is a rare treat that I am enjoying immensely.

101 Craig Goodwin/Craig Goodwin Spokane, WA,, 509-280-3081; distinctive images of the Inland Northwest and beyond.

126 William Gregersen-Morash/Crystal Image Photography East Wenatchee, WA,, 509-470-6413; color and black and white fine art photography.

136 Peter Hines/Tao of Light Photography Salt Lake City, UT,; landscape and wildlife photography.

160 *Susan Landram/Su’s Favorites Burbank, CA,, 509-939-7005; canvas, prints.

19 *Linda Lantzy/Idaho Scenic Images Coeur d’Alene, ID, (208) 667-3325; Idaho landscape photography.

151 Larry McFerrin/Larry McFerrin Photography Prineville, OR,, 541-589-1460; wildlife & nature photography specializing in wild mustangs, wildlife and nature. All critters are un-baited in natural habitat.

14 Randall Miller/Randy Miller Images Wallace, ID, R; photography on canvas metal etc. and painting.

138 Jim Pena/Summit Fine Art Photography Rathdrum, ID,; nature and wildlife giclee prints mounted onto gator board then placed into floater frame. Metal prints-notecards.

164 Brett Scarola/Scarola Photography Bellingham, WA,, 509-998-2679 or 208-771-2390.

52 *Gay Waldman/Waldman Originals Spokane, WA,, 509-456-7240; more than cameras and computers, I use many studio methods to make art. My initiative portfolio includes floral, abstract, natural and architectural imagery. My art-photos reach beyond the impact of tradition and expand how the viewer perceives, considers, and interprets photography as art.



53 Carol Ann Bauer/Stillfire Pottery Freeland, WA,, 206-817-5990; functional/decorative porcelain pottery.

32 Lupe Baze Coeur d’Alene, ID,; 208-660-7712; one-of-a-kind clay art.

C2-C3 James Diem/James Diem Ceramics Hood River, OR,, 541-354- 9966; fun & functional porcelain pottery glazed with dynamic color combinations.

27 *Jeff Harris/Color in Clay Medical Lake, WA,, 509-979-3971; functional stoneware and porcelain as well as Raku fired Jessel forms – some horsehair, emufeather embellishment.

132 Donna & Art Kulibert/Common Ground Pottery Medical Lake, WA,, 509-299-4918; functional high fired stoneware with hand-painted whimsical imagery and carved designs.

127 Bill Landfair/Raft River Pottery Georgetown, ID,, 208-317-3247; hand-made stoneware.

69 Mark Montague/Club Med Bluffdale, UT,, 801-232-2128, wheel thrown/hand-built functional pottery high fired. We also make decorative pieces as well.

20 Martin Schwartz/North Bay Clay Works Blue Lake, CA,, 707-668-5338; hand-thrown and slab built functional stoneware and porcelain. All are high fired and lead free.

82 Ray Sheen/Frantic Art Seattle, WA,, 206-937-1994; all hand-made clay art.

61 Ed & Diane Swick/Klickitat Pottery White Salmon, WA,, 509-493-4456; hand-made high fire pottery.

45 Rabun Thompson/Rabun Thompson Pottery Portland, OR,, 503-781-7695; hand-made pottery.



158 Daniel Gubitz/Gubitz & Co. Spokane, WA,; hand-drawn maps.



102 Chris Brooks/Brookswoodworking Bozeman, MT, fixitmt@gmail; custom wood cutting boards.

105-106 David & Teresa Levy/Hardwood Creations Davis, CA,, 530-758-6624; laminated woodwork.

144-145 Tim Mahoney Canoes/Tim Mahoney Const. Provo, UT,, 801-372-6383; hardwood strip canoes.

91-92 Jeff May/Sculptures by Jeff May Athol, ID,, 208-215-5208; carved wood sculptures.

88 Kevin Nichols/Turn.Turn.Turn Red Lodge, MT,, 406-425-3130; turned wood bowls, platters, lamps, boxes and vessels.

135 Cerri Noto/Crow’s Feet Woodland, CA,, 530-666-1501; using recycled redwood I create whimsical primitive folk art people doing a variety of things…no twins.

70 Michael Osburn/Wood Shed Production Issaquah, WA,, 425-213-0804; functional wood art.

10 Mike Peck/Maker Point Studios Sandpoint, ID,, 208-255-4236; topographic maps and more.

41 Gary Quinn/The Unbound Stave Sandpoint, ID,, 208-610-9308; believe the aged European oak used in constructing wine barrels offers a quality medium for crafting unique fine oak furnishings hand-rubbed finishes create an old world industrial design and durability for indoor or outdoor use.

95 *Chuck Spurgeon/Chuck Spurgeon Moscow, ID,, 509-336-1077; wood.

73 Todd Tessmer/Tessmer’s Studio PDX, OR;, 503-772-0183; wood.

23 Gary & Mary (Cathy) Williams/Fatland Wood ‘n’ Creations Redmond, OR,, 541-604-0145; fatland specializes in usable wood turned items such as peppermills, ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, writing pens, wooden bowls, platters, key chains, etc.



Y1 Tomas & Andres Henao Broomfield, CO; I like to paint, draw, and do other artistic things and have a passion for soccer. I made my necklaces and bracelets using tropical seeds and beads that I got from exploration.

Y2 Sara Hoatson Coeur d’Alene, ID; hand-crafted custom pens, pencils and fountain pens out of a variety of woods and acrylic resin.

Y3 Rena Rogers Athol, ID; jewelry.

Y4 Jakobe Aiken & Nate Kimberling Coeur d’Alene, ID; designed t-shirts and miscellaneous

*=Juried Show Artists