Characters Acting Badly with Teri Burch - ArtShop Highlight

Long-time ArtShop instructor Teri Burch will lead kids in drama fun in her Characters Acting Badly class! Teri's drama experience: "I taught elementary school for 34 years and that was a daily performance! I also worked with community theater in my 20's. At various times in my teaching career, I did storytelling workshops, and I have been with Artshop for a long time." Teri likes to teach the acting class because it is fun! She loves the kids' ideas and suggestions for the plays. They can each have a "bit" that makes them stand out and even the quietest kids can have a role. Teri's art philosophy? "There is art in everything and it doesn't have to be beautiful to be a work of art. A child's mudpie can be a masterpiece."

ArtShop is July 27-31, 2015, for kids grades 2 to 8. What makes ArtShop unique? It is a full week of art classes, each student participating in one visual arts class and one performance arts class, ending with the children performing at the Art on the Green festival. Full class descriptions and registration information can be found here.